Mr Alexi Scotti

South West Sydney, AU-NSW AU

About Me

MH Nurse (EEN>RN19), Counsellor, Life Consultant.

I have facilitated over 700 hours of group based therapies for individuals diagnosed with a range of mood, anxiety, personality, psychotic, alcohol & illicit drug use disorders.

I have experience running small and large groups to both outpatients and inpatients within private psychiatric facilities.

I have extensive experience working with individuals to create holistic goals and plans to improve their health and wellbeing. This is utilised by a range of therapies, strategies and techniques.

I have a high level of diverse skills, in Nursing, Counselling and Consulting (mentoring/coaching).

I believe the new concept of MH Nurse Counsellors are a vital link within your health professional network. For any complex or high risk concerns please see your Treating health professional for advice.

Counselling sessions are customised, home work, resources and feedback are included between each session.

Throughout fortnightly sessions, it is recommended that you dedicate at least 15 minutes per day practicing mindfulness, 5 minutes completing the daily activities guide and 20mins of homework during the total time between sessions.

Online counselling and therapy are great tools but I believe combining this with psycho education and coping skills is a recipe for success.

PLEASE NOTE: is currently in transition and will be fully online soon.



MH Nurse - Acute mental health facility.

Recovery Nurse - post operative E.C.T

Group Therapy. Facilitator.

Counsellor. Educator


BA Nursing, 19, UCQ

Dips. Nursing, 17, SWSI

Dips. Counselling, 18, AIPC

Dips. Mental Health, 17, TAFENSW

BA Arts / Psychology, MQU - deferred20

Cert III in Business & Customer Service, TAFENSW

Cert IV in Training and Education, 19, SWSI

CBT professional Courses.

DBT professional Courses.

ACT professional Coursrs.

Services Offered

Session Type / Rate / Duration

  • Initial consultation (1/2/3) / $36 / 55 Minutes
  • Regular appointment + homework review (1/2/3) / $34.50 / 50 Minutes
  • Talk therapy / $26.50 / 30 Minutes